Sunday, January 11, 2009

Makisig Morales promotes 12th IKV in Araneta

Our very own Makisig Morales promoted the 12th IKV in Araneta Colesium last January 10, 2009. Makisig Morales is a KFC member from Metro Manila East B Sector. He is also an active ambassador for the GK Batang Bayani movement. Makisig participated in our Solo Singing Competition during the 8th International Kids Village in Pampanga way back 2005. Makisig Morales dubbed as the Prince of Hearts in the TV reality-show Little Big Star, is a child performer that is in contract with Star Records. When he won in the contest as one of the finalists, he donated a portion of his prize money to Gawad Kalinga. As a child actor, he rose to fame through the TV fantaserye, Super Inggo, where he played the lead role.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Metro Manila Coordinators and KFC Full Time Workers all set for 12th IKV Campaign! 12,000 delegates! Dream Big!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

12th IKV Brochure

Hi brothers and Sisters! You may produce your own brochure to help out in your campaign for the 12th IKV. We can only produce limited number of copies. Give this to as many KFC parents that you know and probable SAGIP sponsors who are interested in helping SAGIP kids to experience God's blessing in the IKV. Here's the .jpg file. God bless. Kirby